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VINNITSYA National Medical University

About City

Vinnytsia is a city located in the western part of central Ukraine, on the banks of the Southern Buh River. It is the administrative center of the Vinnytsia region, a historical center of eastern Podillya, important economic and cultural center of the country.
The population of Vinnytsia is about 372,000 (2016), the area - 113 sq. km.
Today, Vinnytsia is constantly growing, acquiring European features, developing as an industrial and administrative center of the region. In 2013, the magazine “Focus” declared Vinnytsia the best city for living in Ukraine. In 2015 and 2017, Vinnytsia headed a similar rating compiled by the sociological group “Rating”.
Vinnytsia is located about 200 km south-west of Kyiv. The distance to Kyiv by rail is 221 km (2-3 hours), by roads - 267 km (3.5-4 hours).
The climate is temperate with long, moderately hot, and fairly humid summers and relatively short and mild winters. The average temperature in January is minus 4.1 degrees Celsius, in July - plus 19.2 degrees Celsius.
Public transport in Vinnytsia includes trams, trolleybuses, buses, mini-buses. Trams and trolleybuses run from 5.30 to 24.00. Free Wi-Fi is available in most buses, trams and trolleybuses. In 2016, Vinnytsia took the first place in Ukraine for the quality of roads, and the third for the comfort of public transport.
The city is actively developing as an educational and medical center. The city is famous for its medical, technical, pedagogical, and agrarian universities. In 2014, because of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, Donetsk National University was evacuated to Vinnytsia. It is attended by about 5,800 students and 213 graduate students, employing 587 teachers. Before the evacuation, this university had about 14,000 students and 1,300 teachers.
Vinnytsia is a fairly green city with a lot of public gardens and parks. Central City Park, a monument of landscape art of national importance, covers an area of 40 hectares.
The City Day of Vinnytsia is celebrated on the second Saturday of September.

About University

For the past 90 years, VNMU has trained over 44 thousand doctors and specialists who have gone on to meet the health care needs of the citizens of Ukraine, as well as over 6.5 thousand doctors who have gone on to work in 106 countries of Asia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Europe. Our graduates provide medical care, render medical aid to the population of their countries and abroad, work in institutions of higher education, and head many state and private medical establishments.
VNMU is a multiprofile centre that emphasizes training, specialization, improvement of its medical, scientific-pedagogical staff and conduct significant scientific-methodical, experimental work, representing all branches of medicine.
VNMU continues to build new facilities, expand its faculties and modernize its education program.
VNMU is known nationally and internationally for its high quality of specialist training, and was rated by the International Personnel Academy ranking of schools of higher education as one of the best institutions in Ukraine in 1995, 1997, and 2000.  For 1997 and 2000, VNMU was determined to be among the best educational medical establishments and was awarded with a special Diploma.
Foreign graduates recommended themselves by the high quality of training at VNMU, which trains them more than 50 years. Today, at the University study almost 1500 foreign citizens from 63 countries (Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and CIS). Each year the University receives more than 20-25 delegations from embassies, representative offices, foreign firms for scientific cooperation and organization of training of foreign nationals.
There are 6 faculties: two Medical (? 1 and ? 2) - training for the specialties of general medicine, pediatrics, medical psychology, Dental – for dentistry specialty, Pharmacy - specialty pharmacy and clinical pharmacy, Faculty of Postgraduate Education provides various forms of postgraduate training of physicians in 33 specialties.
The University also provides training to licensed admission to higher education institutions of Ukrainians (self-financing courses – intake of 500 persons per year), training of foreign nationals to enter higher education institutions (preparatory faculty for foreign citizens – intake of 500 persons per year), specialized training in medicine (clinical ordinatura) - 1500 persons per year, internship - 2000 people a year and students’ military training program for reserve officers.
Yearly intake for full-time training of specialists and masters is 1740 persons, part-time training in the specialty pharmacy is licensed for 350 persons. Each year all different forms of training cover more than 11000.
At present, contingent of university’s students is as follows (including foreign nationals): students - 6560 (including - 1030 part-time training), interns – 2149 (during 2012), MSc. course PG students - 63, post-graduate students – 110, PG students for doctor’s degree - 1, clinical residents – 103, Faculty of Postgraduate Studies students - 2568 (during 2012).
Today, NVMU has a teaching staff of 812 persons, with yearly enrollment of 4,000 students, including almost 2,000 in postgraduate education, representing specialties: Medicine, Pediatrics, Medical Psychology, Dentistry, Pharmacy, including specialty clinical pharmacy, and Postgraduate Education for physicians in more than 50 specialties.  The University also provides preparatory training to help both citizens of Ukraine and foreign nationals enter institutions of higher education.
Since 1961 university trains foreign nationals. Since then, different forms of training covered more than 6500  foreign graduates from 106 countries worldwide. As of 01/01/2013 at the University study 1334 foreign citizens.
University’s structural divisions:
  • 6 faculties with 55 departments (39 clinical departments, 16 - theoretical), self-financing preparatory courses;
  • center of new information technologies (computer classrooms, TV studio, printing house, office for computer printing, Internet unit);
  • scientific research center comprising of 7 research laboratories and experimental clinic (vivarium);
  • units for operation of university’s facilities, for creation normal working conditions of university staff members, students living conditions in dormitories, etc.;
  • library, 7 licensed laboratories.
The University consists of 12 research schools, particularly school of physiologists, anatomists, functional morphology and anthropogenetics, pharmacologists, microbiologists, gynecologists, obstetricians, pediatric surgeons, as well as scientific therapeutic school, the scientific school of experimental abdominal surgery, research school of social medicine, a scientific school of hygiene, research school of clinical epidemiology, nervous systems.
History of National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsya 
VNMU was established when the first President of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, academician D.K. Zabolotny, raised the question to the Government about the necessity of opening a medical educational institution in Vinnitsa to serve the nation’s needs for health care. VNMU began as Vinnitsa Pharmaceutical Institute (1921-1936), and later became Vinnitsa branch of All-Ukrainian Institute of Extra-Mural Medical Education (1930), and reorganized in 1932 as Evening Industrial Medical Institute with two faculties – medical-preventive and pediatric and in 1934 as Vinnitsa Medical Institute (1934).
In 1960 by the Decree of Presidium of the Supreme Body of the U.S.S.R., the Institute was named after N.I. Pirogov. By 1969, 2,235 students were taught at two faculties of the institute (medical and pediatric), and the faculties increased to 26 doctors of science and 106 candidates of science.  In 1984 the Institute was awarded the Order ”Badge of Honour” for success in training doctors and assistance to public health services.  By 1988, VNMU elected V.M.Moroz as rector.  At that time he was an honoured scientist and technologist of Ukraine, a doctor of medical sciences, professor and graduate of Vinnitsa Medical Institute and he has passed all administrative stages at the institute: the secretary of the scientific board, deputy of the dean, dean of the paediatric faculty, pro-rector on teaching - educational work. V.M. Moroz is an organizer, scientist and tutor, and heads VNMU that had now grown to more than seven thousand personnel.  He is instrumental to improve the quality of specialists’ preparation, introduces new educational technologies, modernizes the education base, improves tuition conditions for students and increases compensation for teachers. In 2003 V.M.Moroz was awarded the title Hero of Ukraine.