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Ternopil State Medical University

About City

• Ternopil  is a city in western Ukraine, located on the banks of the Seret River.

• International Airport is available at Ternopil.

• The population of Ternopil is 217 800.

The city is the administrative center of the Ternopil Oblast (region), as well as of the surrounding Ternopil Raion (district) within the oblast.

Ternopil has a moderate continental climate with cold winters and warm summers.

About University

 The institute was founded in 1957. In 1997 it received the status of medical academy, and in 2004 that of a university.

 The Ukraine Ministry of Health has ranked Ternopil State Medical University first among the medical universities in Ukraine. It has been awarded the IV (highest) accreditation level by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

 Ternopil State Medical University is listed in the FAIMER (International Medical Education) directory under ECFMG and the WHO (World Health Organization) directory of Medical Universities/Schools.

• TSMU’s degree is recognized by MCI, WHO, US Education Department, General Medical Council of England, and in EU countries.

 More than 1500 international students from 53 countries of the world study at the University.

 1196 employees work at the university hospital, including 226 physicians, 471 – other medical personnel. The hospital has 665 beds. There are 19 specialized inpatient and 13 clinical-diagnostic departments, including the regional consultative clinic with 200 visits per day, which suggests consultations in 24 specialties.

 In order to provide highly-specialized and diagnostic care for adult population 7 specialized centres have been established: centre of eye microsurgery, minimally invasive surgery, cardiology, dialysis, arthroplasty, gastroenterology and hepatology, clinical immunology and allergology.

 More than 20 000 patients receive highly specialized inpatient care every year, 75 000 patients get consultative-diagnostic aid. Around 6800 surgical operations are conducted during the year in surgical departments.

 There are 379543 literary copies including: 161716 scientific books, 202331 educational textbooks and manuals, 15496 belles - lettres. Providing the students with the textbooks free of charge is almost 100 per cent.

 The university contains the following faculties: Medicine (6 years – MD program), Dentistry (5 years), Pharmacy (5 years), and Nursing (2–4 years). Postgraduate programs are also offered in different fields.

Teaching Staff

 The student population of the faculty is over 3000, including more than 1000 foreign students.

 Classes usually consists of 8-12 persons. There are 10 lecture-halls equipped with modern demonstration apparatus.

• Practical classes and seminars are held in the laboratories and thematic classrooms, while clinical training takes place in the wards and the laboratories of functional and instrumental diagnostics. Since 2006 the "Z-system" of training has been introduced, by which students in their first years learn clinical aspects together with theoretical subjects.

 A typical class is held from 9 to 3 pm. Languages of instruction are Ukrainian, English, and Russian.

 549 (including 3 Corresponding Members of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine,
• 86 Doctors of Sciences, Professors, 336 Candidates of Sciences,
• 9 Honorary Workers of Science and Technology,
• 3 Honorary Inventors of Ukraine,

• 3 State Prize Laureates,

• 3 Honorary Physicians of Ukraine)

Education System

 Since 2005 students are assessed according to the European Credit Test System (ECTS) credit-module system, which will allow the diplomas granted by the University to be converted in all countries of the European Union.


 The university provides hostel to the international students. Two persons share a room with air conditioner, attached bathroom, color TV, telephone, bed with required amenities and furniture, free hot?drinking--- water heater, refrigerator, public laundry and kitchen, internet access. Students are required to pay the electricity and water they used.

 Hostel facility with each room equipped with CTV, individual bed, broadband internet line, table/chair, AC, geyser, water dispenser,etc with 24 hours on duty hostel warden.


 The hostel proffers students with mess system wherein they are fed on food cooked by an Indian cook with Indian spices and contains Indian taste. It includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. And as far as laundry is concerned, it is provided for the students who require, once a week.