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MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

About MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

·Kyrgyzstan, officially the Kyrgyz Republic,Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country in Central Asia

·Sometimes referred to as the Switzerland of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan is blessed with gorgeous mountain scenery almost everywhere you look. The fact that the country is so little known is mostly down to its isolation and a lack of awareness of its very existence – Kyrgyzstan has only been a country in its own right for two decades or so.

·Kyrgyzstan’s landscapes are surprisingly varied, with snow-capped peaks, pine forests and glaciers giving way to open plains and gleaming blue mountain lakes. In places the country really does look Switzerland, whilst elsewhere it can remind one of Scotland, Kashmir and even the Middle East.

·The mountain vistas alone are reason enough to visit - a visit to Kyrgyzstan would be wasted without trekking to at least one of them and, as there so many locations to chose from, trekking can be done virtually anywhere in the country.

·Visitor numbers are increasing gradually, although a short tourist season and the relative difficulty of reaching the country have ensured that it is unlikely to ever become a mainstream destination. What this means is that those adventurous travellers who do make the effort to come are guaranteed a unique and unforgettable experience.

·Kyrgyzstan is divided into seven regions, administered by appointed governors. The capital, Bishkek, and the second largest city Osh are administratively independent cities (shaar) with a status equal to a region.

Geographical Condition

The regions, and independent cities, are as follows:

  1. City of Bishkek
  2. Batken
  3. Chuy
  4. Jalal-Abad
  5. Naryn
  6. Osh
  7. Talas
  8. Issyk-Kul
  9. City of Osh

 Neighbouring Countries

China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan.

Capital: Bishkek

Government: Presidential system, Parliamentary republic, Republic

Official languages: Kyrgyz language, Russian Language

Kyrgyzstan is a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States, United Nations.

Bishkek in the north is the capital and largest city, with approximately 900,000 inhabitants (as of 2005). The second city is the ancient town of Osh, located in the Fergana Valley near the border with Uzbekistan.

Currency: Kyrgyzstani som,1.0kGS = 1.1 INR

Kyrgyzstan International telephone code: +996.

Kyrgyzstan's population is estimated at 5.6 million in 2013

Climatic Condition

Weather in Kyrgyzstan is sunny most of the year. This is explained by the fact that the territory of Kyrgyzstan is, surrounded by mountains.

 The climate of Kyrgyzstan is distinguished by low rainfall and plenty of sunshine, so that we can guarantee a pleasant stay for months, starting from spring to late autumn

 Spring in Kyrgyzstan is short. It starts sometime in late February and in May the weather is close to the summer average. Summer lasts from May to September, the highest temperature is +44 C°. But at high altitudes the air is cooler and the nights can be even cold. In Kyrgyzstan, as in other Central Asian countries, autumn comes late. A decrease in temperature is observed at the end of September, and autumn weather can last until December.

south of Kyrgyzstan, a relatively warm winter and the temperature does not reach the mark of -2 C°, but the northern regions have a very severe winter with an average temperature here reaching -27 C