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Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

About City

Bishkek City

  Bishkek, the capital of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, with a population of about 1 million, located in the Chui valley at the northern foot of the Kyrgyz Ala-Too on an inclined plain, at an altitude of 700-900 meters above sea level.

  Bishkek - one of the major cities of Central Asia and the largest city in Kyrgyzstan with a population of over 800,000 people, the multinational city with over 80 nationalities. The main language of international communication is Russian.

  The city has many places for recreation. There are several major museums, the most interesting of which is the Historical Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, Museum named after M.V. Frunze. Downtown is flecked with posters Opera and Ballet Theatre, Russian and Kyrgyz Drama theaters, Bishkek City Drama Theatre, State Philharmony named after T. Satylganov.


  Bishkek has a dry summer continental climate. Average precipitation is around 440 millimetres (17 in) per year. Average daily high temperatures range from 3 °C (37.4 °F) in January to about 31 °C (87.8 °F) during July.

   The summer months are dominated by dry periods, punctuated by the occasional thunderstorm, which produces strong gusty winds and rare dust storms. The mountains to the south provide a natural boundary and protection from much of the damaging weather.

About University

MBBS in Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

  The Kyrgyz State Medical Acedemy, also known by the name KSMU is one of the oldest medical university of Kyrgyzstan.

 It came into operation in the year 1939 and started with a mere number of 200 students.

 The universities of Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Tashkent, Taskent and more helped immensely in the establishment of it in the capital of Kyrgyzstan i.e. Bishkek.

 Today, Kyrgyz Medical Academy is considered as the pioneer among all medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan.

 Currently, there are more than 540 teachers serving this great organization and a total number of more than 4,000 students who are studying MBBS in Kyrgyz.

 The majority of foreign students are from India who are doing MBBS in Bishkek.

 The university awards the degree of M.D. (Physician) after successful completion of medical education of students. This degree is equivalent to MBBS in India.  

  Kyrgyz State Medical Academy is recognized by World Health Organization (WHO), FAIMER, IMED as well as by Medical Council of India (MCI). Students can appear for USMLE, PLAT, NZREX, etc. for further studies in countries like USA, UK, New Zealand, etc. 

 KSMA conducts several joint programs with renowned universities around the globe and also has medical students exchange programs through which students can practice in other countries during vacations or when needed as directed by university.

 Apart from general medicine, stomatology & paediatrics is also available for students from India.

Indians students who arrive here for MBBS course here are admitted in the faculty of general medicine at KSMA, Bishkek.

  Students can continue their education in post-graduation in various specialties like surgery, therapy, neonatalogy, opthalmology, gynaecology, obstetrics, haematology, paediatrics, etc.

  The medical libragy of KSMA is one of the largest in whole of Kyrgyzstan comprising of more than 4,00,000 books and also having digital reading material in CD’s which provide suitable videos and illustrations too.

  The Medical Institute awards the degree of M.D.

  It is accredited, recognized and listed with the World Health Organization (WHO), Medical Council of Nepal, Medical Council of India (MCI) Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) in the USA, IIME and the International Medical Education Directory (IMED), so its degree is recognized all over the world.

Teaching Staff

   Institute of Medicine prepares experts in three specialties

•              General medicine - 6 years

•              Stomatology - 5 years

•              Pediatrics - 6 years

   Faculties of "General medicine" and "Pediatrics" are involved in production of highly skilled medical experts for systems of public health services of Kyrgyzstan and foreign countries in the highest priority areas of medical activities.

  The program of "General medicine" is aimed at training of the doctor (MD) with the subsequent post diploma specialization. The program is constructed according to standards of medical universities of the CIS and countries of Europe. The Institute offers both government supported training and that on a contractual basis.


 Training in Institute is conducted by the best teachers of the Kyrgyz Republic in groups with a small number of students.

Education System

 Since 2001 the KSMA uses a new method of training under the curriculum "General medicine" in English with simultaneous deeper learning of Russian.

  The curricula of "General medicine" programs are authorized by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic are designed according to the state educational standards, programs of leading world educational centers


 International students live in the student’s hostel, located close to the institution, in well arranged and furnished single or double rooms. In the building of the hostel there is the student’s canteen with a snack bar and billiard parlor, working as a cafe in the evening. Connection to the Internet is also available in every room.

 There is separate upper floor for female students.


  There is also mess system near the hostel but mostly foreign student's do self-cooking in the hostel.