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North Sichuan Medical College

About City

Nanchong is a prefecture-level cityin the northeast of Sichuan province, China, with an area of 12,479.96 square kilometres (4,818.54 sq mi). At the 2010 census it was home to 6,278,614 people, of whom 1,858,875 lived in the built-up (or 'metro') area made of three urban districts. It is the second most populated city of Sichuan Province, after Chengdu. The administrative center is Shunqing District.

About University

  • It is a government university recognized by both the Chinese government and the World Health Organization.

  • One of the lowest costs of MBBS program in China.

  • It is located in the second largest higher education center of Sichuan Province—Nanchong, a famous city, the origin of the Three Kingdoms Culture.
  • The living expense is quite low.

  • Very safe for girls.