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Washington University of Barbados

About City

Barbados is the most easterly island in the Caribbean island chain, situated above South America, northeast of Venezuela and north of Guyana. The Atlantic Ocean sits to the east of the isle, and the Caribbean Sea to the west. The capital city is Bridgetown, located in the parish of St Michael.

The limestone rock has created the island of Barbados, and the land area of the isle measures 166.4 square miles (431 km2). It is 21 miles (34 kilometers) in length and 14 miles (23 kilometers).

The terrain is relatively flat in comparison to other Caribbean islands however there is a gentle rise to a central highland region of the isle – Mount Hillaby in the parish of St Andrew being the highest point, measuring approximately 1,115 feet above sea level.

Barbados is just north of the equator, the climate is considered to be moderately tropical, and temperatures typically range from between 80-86 degrees Fahrenheit (27-30 degrees Celsius) and 70 – 76% humidity for most of the year.

December to May is considered the dry season in Barbados and also considered the ‘winter’ period.

The wet season begins in June and runs until November, the ‘summer’ months for the island. This season also brings with it the Caribbean hurricane season, although Barbados continually tends to be spared the direct hit of any major storm.

Barbados follows the US Education system and curriculum and hence is focused towards preparing Physician workforce for countries like USA, Canada, etc. The quality of education in this country is comparable to USA, UK and other developed countries. Medical students pursuing their MBBS degree from Barbados get all the facilities at a very low cost. Admission in most of the medical universities in Barbados does not require IELTS or TOEFL. Medical students studying in Barbados Medical colleges also get a chance to do clinical rotations program of 2 years in teaching hospitals in USA and UK which is a great opportunity for them.

The medical universities in Barbados are recognized and approved by the MCI - Medical Council of India; ECFMG – Education Council for Foreign Medical Graduates, USA; FAIMER’s IMED – Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research’s International Medical Education Directory; ACGME – Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education; MCC – Medical Council of Canada and WHO – World Health Organization.

About University

The Washington University of Barbados was established in 2016 and is devoted to preparing and educating students from across the globe to become professional doctors. Our motto at Washington University of Barbados is ‘Where Passion Meets Excellence'. It is on this premise that our dedicated team of qualified lecturers and staff seek to provide our students with the best medical education available in the Caribbean. 

We are one of the few universities that implements the elements for USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) within its curriculum. We offer Basic Sciences, Pre-Clinical Courses and Clinical Rotations. All programs are approved by the Ministry of Education in Barbados and accredited by many other reputable organizations. WUB is also affiliated with hospitals in the United States.

Why WUB?

Famous for its pristine beaches, Barbados is a place which carries the all-inclusive beauty of nature. In addition to the dazzling powdery sand, magnificent turquoise blue waves and mesmerizing sunsets. Barbados’ capital and The Garrison are listed by UNESCO World Heritage. There is a lot of history and folklore that adds to the charm and intrigue of the island. 

Studying at an international medical school is a desire for lots of students across the globe. You can make it a reality with WUB. Barbados is the perfect place to study medicine and WUB is the perfect university. 

One of the greatest strengths of WUB is the commitment and quality of our faculty, whose primary objective is to mentor of medical students.

At WUB, our faculty has been renowned both for their exceptional professional credentials and their strong commitment to teaching. Faculty members are eager and skilled to train the next generation of physicians through problem-based learning, lectures, and community involvement.

The classrooms are equipped with advanced technology such as projectors and modern simulation systems, that provide students with an efficient learning environment. Students experience what it feels like to be a real doctor. 

The campus life of WUB consists of several extracurricular activities so that students can engage themselves in their free time. There are arrangements for Basketball, Soccer, Cricket along with other outdoor and indoor activities. WUB also has a gym and jogging centre.

Life at WUB includes various clubs that students can take advantage of. For instance, in culture, the arts, academics and athletics. There is something for every student. WUB is filled with lively, enthusiastic and friendly students. Incoming students have a chance to make friendships that will last a lifetime at this diverse campus. 

WUB follows USMLE methodology which is the main step to become a licensed physician in the USA. Washington University of Barbados is among the few schools that created a curriculum for both USA and international students to prepare them for USMLE. 


The classrooms of WUB are built up with modern technology. They consist of a 3D animated teaching system with a media player. These classes are been recorded which indeed serves a great help for the absent students of that particular class. With the student- faculty ratio in the classroom lowest in its category, it is easy for the faculty to have individual attention over each student which makes the university unique in its class.


WUB provides a well-equipped laboratory which includes Anatomy, Microbiology and research labs. Faculty utilizes well equipped 3D technology with monitors connected to advanced media players to enhance the teaching experience.


The Washington University of Barbados received permission to establish a school of medical sciences from the Government of Barbados in 2016. The Washington University has since been recognized and accredited by numerous organizations such as:

Ministry of Education, Technological and Vocational Training, the Government of Barbados (previously Ministry of Education, Science and Innovation, METI), Medical Council of India, World Health Organization, FAIMER, Global Allience of Medical Education (GAME), International Medical Education Directory (IMED), Canadian Association for Medical Education (CAME), Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), World Federation for Medical Education (WFME), Australian and New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators (ANZAHPE), Association of Standardized Patient Educators(ASPE), World Medical Association (WMA), and many more.