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Welcome To Xpertise

Xpertise Education Consultancy is one of the leading Educational consultancies in the field of Medical studies abroad. Specialized in MBBS in Ukraine, MBBS in Russia, MBBS in Philippines, and MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

We are exclusively authorized by various medical universities from various countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Philippines, China and Kyrgyzstan which are recognised by MCI, WHO, UNESCO, IUA, EUA AMC, GMC, etc to recruit students from India.

our experts will always be there for you to give best guidance to choose the top universities from the best countries. Our service is 100% transparent and reliable. Our experts will be there with you to support you with your admission, visa and during your studies too. We are having offices and agents in most of the countries to support students, they are available to help our students anytime from airport pick up to accommodation arrangement, college, hostel enrolment, mess enrolment, bank account opening, and every little things student require. We are having list of leading medical universities to provide you the best education and visa in no time. We have a qualified expert staff to deal each file in priority to get the best solution in minimum time. We take care of our students from pre departure orientation to Post Landing services.

Xpertise Education Consultancy is the one stop solution for MBBS/MD in foreign. We remain involved with the students during the entire cycle of academic pursuit starting from choosing the university to the convocation.

MBBS ? who can understand it better than we do.

Xpertise Education Consultancy A renowned, trusted & reputed Education Consultancy firm in Ahmadabad, India.

Before the establishment of Xpertise, we have guided and helped many students to identify their goals and achieve the best career for rest of life.
Since its inception, we have guided many students to choose best of their career option as MBBS and facilitate their easy admissions and empower them to become a qualified doctor at low cost.

Our Mission

Establishment of this organization is not to rip the profit in term of money, but with the social responsibility to guide each and every individual student & encourage them to invest their time and money in to the right career option. As such that they shall not regret it in entire life.

Our Vision

If we see in Gujarat Alone, than we will realize that every year there are more than 50,000 students appear in 12th science exam with B group and majority of them wish to become a doctor, and why not ??
Because, since decades doctors are respected well enough in our society, sometimes they are regarded as a god’s hand.
All fame and names are given to the doctors, along with the wealth is guaranteed. So it is obvious that every parent wants their beloved child becomes a doctor.

But the question is who will decide who can become a doctor and who cannot??

In Gujarat, Total MBBS seats are around 3300,including only 1000 govt seats, now out of 50,000 students only around 1000 students gets free seats, other seats allocated on payment or on donations, what about other students, don’t they deserve to become doctor?? Only few parents can pay the huge donation to book the seats in india. What about others? Even Some students might have score less but he/she is very good at Practicals and can become a more useful for the society and Can contribute better for mankind.

Same scenario prevails in whole india too,

Around 31,000 MBBS seats (in Private & Government colleges) in india and Aprox 7, 50,000 students appear in exam each year i.e. for every MBBS seat there are 25 applicants, make it one of the most competitive exams in the world.

So what is next??

Now doors are open for such students who has passion to become a doctor, they can easily get the admission in Abroad without any competitive exams, without any donations and with lesser cost compare to india itself, and get the quality education, so they can come back to india and fulfil their dreams

Xpertise have helped many such students and send them Abroad for the medical education, and feel great happiness to serve them, feel great pride to facilitate in making better world to live,

Xpertise is striving hard to provide quality education with the low budget and at the great comforts

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